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Wilton on the shelves

Our Wilton products are now properly stocked up ! *phew* finally!

Things to look out for:-

  • A whole varieties of chocolate and candy molds;
  • ** Wilton Yearbook 2011**
  • Icing tips and colors
  • Brownie decorating set & more!!!

For those of you who have placed in some orders from me, most of your products have also arrived!

So hurry and check it out before stocks run out πŸ™‚



** p.s/Β  i will be placing in new orders pretty soon, so let me know if you need anything in particular :))


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  1. Hi Kelly, I am from Australia. May I know if you mind doing a posting over here. I need quite some items from your shop. I am actually from Ipoh, but I am here to study and won’t be back until next year. So I need to get some items which are not available here πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! Kelly,
    I went to your shop near Waller Court to look for you after seeing this column. When I asked the lady in the first counter for you she said she didnt know who you are and that there is no such person. I used to go to your branch near the main market to buy all my icing tips and cake ingredients but I cant get tip number 070. Its a tip with a long straight cut at the side used for borders. I was able to find 090 icing tip at your branch near the market & bought it there.

    Also I find that your sales personel at the waller Court branch quite unfriendly.

    Can you order for me the tip 070. I dont know whether it’s Wilton or not.

    • Hi Mary,

      I used to be helping out at the shop alot. The workers used to address me in my chinese name πŸ™‚ I will see if i can find tip #70 and if the stock has arrived, i will let you know.
      If you have any queries you can post a comment here or email me directly at
      If you happen to drop by the shop at the waller court, do look for Mrs Lai.
      Thanks Mary!


  3. Thanks Kelly. Awaiting your good news.


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