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Wah Seng Pastry Kitchen – March 2011 timetable

Dear all,

I know some of you have been waiting patiently for a new timetable. Finally, the latest class schedule is out now.

12 March 2011

Demonstrator: Chef Zubaidah

Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm                                          RM80.00

Kek Lapis & Kek Gulung

  • Kek Lapis Cheese Tembikai
  • Kek Roll Dam
  • Kek Roll Bollywood
  • Kek Roll Mambo
  • BONUS : Kek Lapis Asam Manis

Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm                                             RM80.00

Aneka Kek Lapis

– Belajar membuat kek lapis yang lembut dan tahan lama dan cara-cara membekukan kek agar tahan lama.

  • Kek Lapis Cream Cheese
  • Kek Lapis Chocolate Nutella
  • Kek Lapis Dayan Senandung
  • BONUS: Kek Lapis Asam Manis


19 March 2011

Demonstator: Pn. Halimah

Time: 2.00pm                                                 rm140.00

Biskut Raya

  • Bali Crunch Cookies
  • Itallan Rofa Cookies
  • Double Choc Ball
  • Tiptop Sweet Cookies
  • Fancy Golden Ball
  • Twist Chocolate Fingers
  • Mocha Sticks
  • Sweet Sour Fancy Bars
  • Floral Sweet Cookies
  • Chewy Sweet Cookies
  • Almond Sparkle Cookies
  • Chocolate Cup Cookies

Email me at or call us to register!

Please do come back for some more updates early March.


– Kelly


2 responses »

  1. Dear Kelly,

    Will there be a class for baking Macaron?

    I am keen to enroll that class.

    Thank you


    • Hi Rose,
      Unfortunately, there have not been any macaroons classes. I will try to arrange and see and I will inform you if there is any. Thanks!



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