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Pastry Kitchen Schedule March 2014

Hi All!!

Baking Class by Chef Zubaidah

Date : 15/03/2014 (Saturday)

Time : 10.30 am – 1.30 pm                                   RM 100.00


Baking Lesson

Aneka Tart Nenas Untuk Bisnes

1) Tart Mawar

2) Tart Rose Merah

3) Tart Strawberry

4) Tart Cheese

5) Tart Gulung Poppy Seed


Time : 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm                             RM 130.00


Baking Lesson

Aneka Biskut Raya Terbaru Chef Zubaidah

1) Caramel Almond

2) Hip Hop Crunch

3) Zig Zag Oren Toffe

4) Walla Chocolate

5) Strawberry Swill

6) Mocha Crispy

7) Hana Koko

8) Roll Oat Delight

9) Chocolate Munchies

10) Coffee Meringue


**Bonus : Chicken Chip, Beef Steak & Black Pepper Sauce**


Register with us at 05-2540267 now!!



Kak Noor


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